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How To Use Gathering Foot

The quickest way to prepare a fabric in a professional manner is to use a gathering foot. The gathering foot allows the user to work in peace without going through the sliding. With the help of gathering foot now, you will be able to sew any fabric and ruffling. This tool allows creating the best thing at your best basic sewing machine so try this tool to help you sew quickly.

The gathering foot is basically an important thing which comes along with the sewing machine as an important part. Today I am telling you about the gathering foot and how you can use it. We will also get to know about the importance of the gathering foot. Let’s go through some of the most amazing gathering foot.

How to Gather Perfectly:

One of the difficult things a beginner can go through is how to gather in a perfect manner and how you can apply a technique? Now to create something professional and to stay in the practice, you should go for the increase stitch length. If you are going to increase the stitch length then it will gather more. The next thing you want to do is to place the fabric underneath your foot.

Once the fabric is set then you can lower down the foot. For the gathering of the fabric, now you have to focus on the stitch length and how to gather it with perfection.

How to Attach:

The presser foot and shank which is already attached to the sewing machine needs to be removed before attaching the gathering foot. At the time of attaching the gathering foot to the sewing machine, make sure that the presser bar is fixed properly to the machine. Once you are done with the presser bar and gathering foot now tighten the screw properly and secure it.

Rotate the hand wheel towards you to check out the position of the needle. Before you start using the gathering foot for the project, make sure that your needle is lined up properly and you don’t have to go through the breakage again and again. The slot of the foot will be opened from the left side of the machine. The lower part of the foot will be in the constant connection with the fabric.

Gathering foot

Gathering and Tension:

To get the right appearance, the first thing you need to do is to cut the ruffle a bit longer and then trim the excess one after being done with the sewing. In this way, you don’t have to go for the adjustment option. Now you don’t have to take any stress regarding the ruffle and tension of the sewing machine. I recommend to measure the strip for the ruffle and then cut 1-2 inches more from the fabric.

At the time of stitching the fabric, you have to focus on the stitching and keep adjusting the ruffle until you have a correct picture of the thing you want to sew. Tension needs to be adjusted from the settings or you can also go at the slow pace. I recommend practicing this technique on the rough fabric to get used to it and to be a perfectionist in it.

The speed of the Machine:

When you are using a sewing machine and you have successfully attached the gathering foot into the sewing machine, now you have to follow one more thing and that is the speed of the machine. If you will work on the faster pace then nothing will be in a good position for you and in the end, you have to again adjust the piece of fabric due to the no settings of the machine.

The first thing every beginner sewer must work on at the time of gathering the fabric is the pace. If you are going on the faster pace without adjusting the ratio of the fabric then, in the end, something will be wrong and the finishing will not be up to the mark. If you are going at the moderate speed and adjusting everything along with the sewing then the result will be tremendous.

If you want to have a great sewing machine and you are looking for a guide then watch How To Find An Easy To Use Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews where you will find top rated sewing machines on the market.

The thickness of the Fabric:

Another thing which should be in your mind is the thickness of the fabric. The thickness of the fabric can affect the whole sewing so in this case you should choose the needle and focus on the work according to the nature of the fabric. If the thickness is high then you should go for the thick needle and thick thread and keep the speed slow to gather the fabric.

Before you start sewing, you need to review the nature of the fabric and how much it can gather. If you will adjust the settings of the needle and tension in the sewing machine then everything will be alright and gathering foot will work according to your result. You will be able to see the professional touch in your skirt or anything you are preparing with the help of gathering foot.

Sewing thick fabrics


In sewing, every small tool has its own importance and once you start using them, you will get to know how amazing it will be and how it can change your work into something absolutely simple. Gathering foot is something which should be in the sewing kit of every sewer who is a beginner and trying to sew something like skirt or flowers.

When I was a beginner, I used gathering foot in every project which requires this kind of settings. I practiced a lot how to sew a skirt with the perfect gathering settings and in few months I was able to complete any kind of skirt as I completely understand the whole mechanism of gathering foot and my sewing machine.

If you don’t have a great sewing machine and you are looking for one which must provide you with all the options then read Helpful Guide To Best Starter Sewing Machine For Beginners Reviews And Comparison. First make sure the kind of sewing machine you are using is compatible for your skills and you can work in peaceful environment.

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