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I was put on hydrochlorothiazide by my urologist for the prevention of kidney stones. I was a regular producer of a stone every 12-18 months prior to starting hydrochlorothiazide. It has been 5 years and counting without a kidney stone. That's the up side. The down side is after about 6 months on this medication I had my first bout with gout. Ever since then I regularly have to deal with gout about every other month. I feel like I traded one type of severe, less often pain for a lower, more recurring pain.

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I started taking hydrochlorothiazide about 18 months ago. My blood pressure was never very high - about 125/95. It lowered it to 115/85 but my blood sugar jumped to 450 (I was not diabetic below taking HTCZ). My A1C was 9.6. I went off the HTCZ and my blood glucose went to 97 within a week. I also reduced my diabetic medications from 5 pills a day to 2.

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Every remedy enters the market with two names. The first title is its generic (or chemical) identify. The second title is its model title, normally something catchy and chosen by the producer who has the patent on the medicine. This enables generic corporations to cost their medicines a lot lower.
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